Natalie Cole - Mr. Melody

I might or might not have just gotten tickets this evening to go see Santana, and then immediately afterward impulse purchased more tickets to go see Smokey Robinson and Natalie Cole.

So of course I’m sitting at my desk listening to all this great music in anticipation of seeing some legends bring to life the songs of much of my childhood (oh to be a child of a parent who listened to the I-can’t-believe-they-called-them-Oldies stations his whole life).

I’m so excited, I feel like I’m walking on air! (Shameless Professor Blastoff reference.

Today in poorly edited Kindle book reviews.

I don’t expect much from these parody books, but this one made me laugh out loud several times. I also liked how it followed the story, paying on the memorably scenes.

Don’t get me wrong this isn’t great literature. If you’re expecting something as good as the real book, you’ll be disappointed. But if have a scene of humor and like cheap laughs, you’ll probably like this one.

There’s nothing better than a typo ridden thanks to autocorrect comment about a book that adds an “i” to one word in the title to turn itself into a “parody”.

Nothing better, that is, until you read the actual description from the “author”:

You think you’ve read everything about Hazel & Augustus? That’s there’s nothing else to their Star Crossed love story? Think again!

As Charlie Brown likes to say: Good grief.